Friday, March 6, 2009

British Friends

I didn't really know what I expected when coming over here in terms of friendships, but I guess I didn't realize it would take as long as it did for people to warm up to Danielle and I.  Don't get me wrong, British people are nice, but they can seem a little standoffish at first.  For example, our first time at the student lifegroup, no one introduced themselves to us.  I felt a little bit awkward in a room full of people I didn't know but who all knew each other and me being the one who had to initiate conversations and introduce myself.  That's just not how it's done in Texas.  If someone is new at church or wherever, I welcome them in!

After meeting the university students though, they became more friendly and would talk to us at church.  Danielle and I initiated hanging out with some of the girls and made plans for tea, etc.  However, this week there has been a breakthrough!

Drumroll please....

People have asked us to hang out!

Yes, the tables have turned.

We went over to our friend Noel's house for dinner on Wednesday night and played games.  I even learned how to play poker, but I don't have much of a game face.  When I had a royal flush in my hand I got really excited and squealed...then Noel and Danielle folded immediately.  We had fun though, despite not being aloud to put sugar in our tea.  Noel insisted that British people don't do that, but I know that they do because I have seen them do it!

Thursday morning our friend Emma picked us up, and we drove out to The Peaks, a famous National Park in England.  We only saw a sliver of it, but we hiked six miles!  There were some ugly parts, only because nothing is green yet, but once we got to the top it was well worth the journey.   There was a beautiful view of the reservoir down below, so I'll post some pictures of it here soon.

After our hike, I took a really long nap because I was worn out and then got ready for girl's night.  Our friend Pip from lifegroup (we go to the 'YoPros' group now which stands for Young Professionals) invited Danielle and I over for dinner, along with our friend Rosie.  Pip and her housemate Hannah made us homemade pizza, and we just hung out and watched a chick flick. I love being around British people because I always learn a new word for something or learn what a phrase I keep hearing means....always enlightening let me tell ya. 

Did you know that 'torch' is the word used for flashlight?  I also kept hearing the phrase 'taking the mick' but had no clue what it meant.  Apparently that is slang for when you are mocking someone...which I might do on occasion.  :)


Jessica said...

this is blowing my mind...I keep getting your blog posts months late...

no wonder I don't think your blogging, it doesn't show up on my "blog I follow list".

Like this morning, it just showed that you had updated this blog and then I look at the date and it says March 6th.

I'm confused...did you just post it like today?

But I am excited for all the friends! And I think I would do EXACTLY the same thing in we were playing Citadels last night and I have to fight to urge to gloat everytime I get a good hand, because there is a chance someone could choose the option to trade their cards with mine. haha!

Have a wonderful Easter!

D's Mom said...

I am so with Jessica! Everytime I check D's blog I then check yours. Nothing has been there it seems forever. Then all of a sudden here is a posting dated back in March!!! It is very confusing.

I so enjoy reading your blogs, Janelle. You offer a different perspective from Danielle. I was worried y'all were not making friends but it sounds like you are and they are very nice people. Pip -- what a fun name.

I will watch for the posting of your pictures from the SIX MILE hike.

Love to you and D.