Monday, March 2, 2009

The Happy Song

I'm sure everyone has heard this Delirious song, and the lyrics keep running through my head tonight because it's how I feel!

Here's how it goes:

Well I could sing unending songs
Of how you saved my soul
And I could dance a thousand miles
Because of your great love

My heart is bursting Lord to
To tell of all you've done
Of how you've changed my life
And wiped away the past

Well, I want to shout it out
From every roof top sing
For now I know
That God is for me, not against me

Let me just reiterate the "my heart is bursting" part because it is!

One of my clues for treasure hunting today was 'trees,' specifically outside.  When I shared this with Daniel, who I was paired with today, he said he felt like it was a park near the church offices.  I said great because I had no clue where there were big trees in the city centre.  We headed there and ended up spotting one of Daniel's clues which was 'bleached hair'.  We saw a guy with bleached hair sitting by himself so Daniel struck up a conversation with him.  His name is Michael, and he is a college student here in Sheffield.  The three of us chatted for a bit about traveling, school, his church background (which he didn't have one), and then I pulled out my "treasure map".  

I showed Michael our clues that led us to him, and then I started crying....awesome.  I just felt so overwhelmed that we had found our treasure!  I showed him where we had 'Devonshire Park' written down and 'bleached hair'.  I asked him if his hair color was natural, and he said no it was bleached and laughed.  I said I didn't think he'd mind me asking since he wasn't a girl, haha, and then we all laughed.  

I proceeded to tell Michael that he was our treasure, and that God loves him.  You know what his response was? He said no one had ever told him that before.   What?!  Can you imagine never hearing that before?  This made me sad, but it also increased my hope that our meeting was really impacting him.  

We talked a little bit more and Daniel asked if we could pray for him.  He said yes, so the both of us got to pray for him while sitting there at the park.  Michael said he had never read the Bible but had recently been thinking about it.  We encouraged him to go for it!  

I can't really explain how I feel right now, but it is an incredible feeling to find the person God has you looking for!  It was also really cool because often times people here are not open to talking, and if they are, they usually don't want prayer.  I know God wanted us to find Michael today, and I feel so blessed that we did!

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