Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No Worries, I'm Fine

Ever since I got back from England, my teeth have been bothering me. I convinced myself I had cavities because I drank so much tea while I was there, adding two scoops of sugar to each cup can’t be beneficial. Since I just don’t do cavities, I started flossing, listerining, drinking more water and less Dr. Pepper, and have really cut back on sweets. (If you know me, that’s usually my preferred choice of food.)

So yesterday I went in for my dentist appointment and was horrified to be told that it had been 22 months since I came in last. WHAT?! I honestly had no idea that much time had slipped away, and I’m usually very dedicated about checking in every six months. Well here’s what happened:

Good news: I am cavity free!

Bad news: My younger brother who went with me came out with one cavity and an appointment for 9 a.m. this morning to have his wisdom teeth pulled. Ouch.

He’s doing great and apparently kept waking up during the surgery asking the dentist if he needed any help. I wish I had that on video, but since I don’t, I thought this one would be entertaining enough. I can’t find the one without ads, sorry!


Danielle said...

hahahahahahahahahaha that video of that little kid is ridiculous!!! did the medicine affect you like that? it didn't really make me loopy but if i got to experience someone else being like that id probably tape it too!!!! too funny.

Jessica said...

i'm glad your fine :) i hate i feel like crying every time i walk into a dentist's office. i probably am like you and haven't been in ages! i'm glad you survived