Monday, June 15, 2009

Things I've Enjoyed Since Being Home

1) Thunderstorms
Yes, it rains plenty in England, but it's not the same because there is no thunder. I was never wakened by loud claps of thunder in the middle of the night causing me to schooch deeper under the covers and enjoy the fact that I was in my comfy bed.

2) Weddings
Two days after landing in Texas Danielle and I headed off to see our friends say their vows. I'll admit I was extremely tired (when the ceremony started it was past midnight in England, and I was ready to sleep) but it's always exciting to see people get married. My childhood friend got married last weekend and my college roommate ties the knot in five days. I love seeing what each bride does differently and the unique touches every wedding has.

3) Swimming
It's hot enough here that I actually want to get in the water.

4) Friends
My friends from growing up took me out to dinner when I came home and let me talk all I wanted about my trip. I loved it! I've also loved the phone calls and emails from everyone else wanting to catch up.

5) Driving
The other night I rolled my windows down and turned up my country music not caring who saw me singing. Driving at night is one of my most favorite things to do in the summertime. It relaxes me.

6) Refrigerators
They're huge here! You can actually fit a gallon of milk AND a gallon of orange juice in it along with a whole lotta food...which takes me to my next point.

7) Waffles
Because all freezers lack space in the UK, we had to reserve room for meat and dinner type food. As a result, I was cruelly denied the pleasure of eating waffles with peanut butter for breakfast, but that has all changed since being back :)

8) Family
I simply love them.

9) Shoes
This sounds so superficial, but I love having all of my shoes at my fingertips. Stilettos, pumps, peep toes, flats, sandals, flip flops, tennis shoes, red, black, brown, blue, pink, whatever I want it's here, and I have options when getting ready for the day.

10) Organizing
I've unpacked, put away, cleaned out, and made sure everything has a rightful place. There is always great satisfaction in organizing, and I do it whenever I can. Sometimes when I'm at someone else's house, I'll organize their mess or rearrange their furniture in my head. I can't help it. It's a disease. For my birthday when I was seven, my grandma took me to Walmart and let me pick out anything I wanted. I walked through the whole store and chose two pink storage containers with matching lids. My grandma tried to talk me out of them, but I insisted that's what I wanted. We compromised. She made me pick out a board game, and I still got to get my storage bins.


Danielle said...

you're right - #9 does make you sound superficial! ;) i can see that in the midst of you getting rid of stuff you didn't need...that you never made it to the shoes! haha.

and83 said...

I remember #10 you weirdo!!! hahaha

Jessica said...

you want to come over and help me organize combining two peoples lives into one small house? haha but seriously, when are you coming to CS?