Sunday, April 19, 2009

A British Haircut

What an experience!  

I seriously think Brits speak a different language.  I walked into Le Coup to have my hair trimmed yesterday, and when I met James who would be cutting my hair, he said something to me which I didn't understand.  I said "Excuse me?"  He said it again and I heard the word "perm" in there somewhere, and I got a nervous look on my face.  He started laughing and said that Americans just don't get British humor.  I laughed but was really thinking that I just don't get their accents.

I was a little nervous about doing this, but James ended up being really cool and made me feel better.  He asked me where my family was from, and I said Texas.  He asked me where else?  I said Florida and then explained that my ancestors were from Germany.  He said, "Are you sure you're not Scottish?"  I told him yes, but he insisted I had to be Scottish because of the "warmth" in my hair.  (I have patches of red in my hair that show through every now and then) Then he comments on my freckles and says that freckles are a Scottish trait as well.  I just shook my head and said I wasn't Scottish.

Not believing me, he then asks me what my surname (last name) is, and I told him Huffman. He stops cutting my hair, stares at me, and with a confused look on his face exclaims, "That's German!"

I laughed and said I told you so!

He continues cutting for a few minutes thinking about something and then looks up at me and says very seriously, "Here's what happened.  A Scottish girl married into your family, so her name wasn't carried down!  Look up your family tree online and you'll see."

Apparently James knows more about my heritage than I do....or at least he thinks so.


and83 said...

haha...I LOVE this story. I bet he's right cuz you soo had red hair when you were a baby!

Jessica said...

hahaha i wish i had interesting haircuts here...most of the times the ladies don't talk to me and it's awkward.

Also, I kind of think you should go look up your family tree now....haha

D's mom said...

Red highlights and freckles...sure sounds like you have some Scottish heritage to me! lol

Anonymous said...

red, blonde, straight, curly, short, long.....i just miss you! Cant wait for some oven roasted brocolli or Jason's Deli whichever~Melissa