Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm Proud to be a Texan and an Aggie!

A few of my friends here have pretty bad injuries and therefore can't run or do much physically, so I've decided to take advantage of being healthy and have started running every so often, ha. Yesterday I was running through the park wearing my maroon Texas A&M t-shirt when I heard someone shout "Go Aggies!"  Whoop!  Who knew that people in Sheffield have heard of A&M?  

Along the same lines, last time Danielle and I were in London, some students asked us if we were from A&M while we were chowing down on our Cinnibon.  Confused, Danielle said yes...why?  They had recognized her Aggie ring!

Tonight after church, Danielle, Ira, and I walked around Hillsborough looking for somewhere to eat.  While I was waiting for my kebab, the guy at the counter asked us where we were from. I answered "Texas", not thinking anything of it.  He responds "Oh yeah you're from America then," and he goes on to say that he had thought that we were Irish.  (That's twice people have thought we were from Ireland.)  Anyway, back to the point of this post.

I realized at that point that I always say I'm from Texas not 'America' or 'The States.'  I just automatically assume everyone knows of Texas, and they do.  I love it!  Danielle and I then had our own conversation about how great Texas is, and how we would feel if it became it's own country.  

I know this is random, but I love that I can say Texas without having to explain that it's a state in America....I bet Ohio doesn't have this luxury.

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Turton said...

Cheers - TEXAS
Jeers - Aggie's