Monday, April 27, 2009

God's Faithfulness

These are a couple of stories from treasure hunting a few weeks ago that I really wanted to share because they show just how amazing God truly is.

There were only five people that came out for treasure hunting, but we made the best of it and split into two groups.  Danielle and I were together for the first time along with our friend Dustin.  We went to one of the locations on our list and spotted our first clue (a man with a cane). I talked to Harry for a few minutes and asked if he needed prayer.  His daughter said he has health problems, and Danielle jumped in and asked what kind?  He said "everything but aids" and Dustin asked him if that included low blood sugar and lung disease (two health problems on our list).  They were kind of surprised and said yes he had both of those things wrong with him. Wow!  God had led us to right where we needed to be!  Harry didn't let us pray for him right then, but our group was really encouraged that we had found our treasure and that we had worked so well together as a team.  Where one of us left off in the conversation the other one picked up.  We felt very unified as a group which doesn't always necessarily happen.

Next we saw a guy from a distance wearing a 'grey hat' that was on Danielle's clue list.  We walked a ways to try and catch up to him, and as it turned out, he had stopped to lean on a 'light post', which just so happened to be Dustin's clue!  We thought this was cool, and as we were approaching him, we noticed he was wearing 'converse shoes' which was one of my clues!  We had a good conversation with him and were pretty pleased with the clues we had found that day.

We met back at the church office, and some people expressed that they're wanting to see more happen while we're out treasure hunting.  I understand what they're saying, but I'm also so thankful for God's faithfulness in all of this.  Every week we pray for clues, and He gives them to us.  Not only that, we find them!  Of course I want to see people saved and of course I want to see lives changed.  I know that will happen, but until then, I'm thankful to rest in knowing a little bit more of God's character.

Danielle and I agreed in this and were talking about things on the way to our friends Pip and Hannah's house after treasure hunting, when I saw a lady struggling to hold her child and push a stroller up the hill.  I offered to push the stroller, and she actually said I could.  (Numerous times Danielle and I have offered to help people with groceries etc. up the hills around here and no one will let us.)  We began talking to her, and she seemed so tired that Danielle offered to hold her baby.  The lady handed the little girl right over!  We found out that her name is Metumo, she's from South Africa, she just recently moved here and has no friends.  Perfect! 

Danielle told her about our friend Ira and how she just moved here and has a little girl as well. We said that we should introduce the two of them and Metumo said, "Do you think she would want to?"  In my head I'm screaming 'Of course! She moved to England to do outreach!' but instead just settled for "Yes, I think she would love to."

Metumo got excited and ended up inviting us in for a cup of tea.  We weren't able to stay since we had dinner plans, but we exchanged contact information with her and made plans to meet up in four weeks.  She was leaving for South Africa in two days for a month long trip, so we couldn't do anything until she got back.  As we were leaving, I realized that Metumo was wearing a black shirt and grey pants...two clues on our list from treasure hunting that we hadn't found earlier.  Danielle and I got so excited about this!  Once again, God is faithful.

Well it's almost been four weeks since we met Metumo, and I just sent her an email about meeting up for tea.  Our hope is to connect her with Ira, so that after we leave, she still has someone pursuing a friendship with her.  Please pray that Metumo emails me back, and that she has time to hang out with us before we leave.   I have no doubt that we were supposed to meet her that day, so I'm pretty sure God wants to do something in her life!

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