Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Feel Stuck

I have been treasure hunting numerous times since I've been in Sheffield, but I often get put in a position of not knowing where to go next in a conversation.  I'm growing in my boldness to approach people and start conversations, and I'm so thankful for the Lord's grace in feeling more comfortable doing this; however, I don't know how to continue a conversation with people if they say things like "Well, I'm an atheist" after I explain to them how we found them, and why we believe God highlighted them to us.  I usually find myself telling them God loves them and then walking away wondering what I could have said to keep talking.

This week my group talked to an atheist, a muslim, and a hindu.

I'm not here to debate people.  I don't want to get into theological arguments or a battle of smarts, but I would like some help.  I need people to brainstorm on ways to keep the conversation going if someone seems to be putting up a barrier by using their religion as a reason that they don't or can't believe what we're saying.

A lot of people our groups approach are nice and don't mind talking, but if they tell me they're (insert religion) my brain for some reason goes blank.  How do I go from there without just saying, "Well you're wrong" and then turning them off to speaking to us completely.  



Anything you have to say would be helpful!


Turton!!!! said...

Janelle!!! I'm glad to see that you're updating your blog again. I keep reading your blog and it seems kinda weird because I feel like a stalker....maybe it will help me to write a comment so that you know that I do in fact keep up with your blog!

I wouldn't worry so much about the right thing to tell the people you are treasure hunting on. All God requires of you is that you do what you feel He is leading you to. You know the basic salvation story and God calls different people to be seed planters, to water the seeds, and then He himself harvests. Feel confident knowing that you are out there planting seeds, and while you may never know what happens to them, God will do the rest according to his will.

I hope you're having a great time out there! Don't stop posting your blogs because they make me laugh. I'm going to be in DFW the same weekend as Alyssa and Michael and when I asked about you they informed you were coming home the following weekend....grrr! I guess we'll stick to the annual Christmas tradition of boardgames!

D's Mom said...


I seem to have the opposite problem in that I never meet a stranger and can manage to talk for ever and ever and ever (ask Danielle). I have people tell me things that are so private; it amazes me. I think it is because I ask ALOT of questions and get them talking about themselves. I am truly sincere about my intention to learn about them and their lives. If I were in your position, once they stated their religion or that they were an atheist I would say "you are. Were you raised (blank)? What does your religion teach you about Christians? I would ask questions about their beliefs. Keep the questions about them going to keep the conversation going. More times than not they will sense you are genuine and engage in conversation. Remember, if all you can do is cause doubt in their mind and cause them to question their beliefs then you have planted a seed.

Love to you and D.