Friday, January 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

This is my view from the 3rd floor where I live. You can see the trampoline in the backyard in the bottom right corner.

In my last post, I mentioned that I'm living with an American family. I talked about them in another post as well and how they offered to let us stay in their spare bedroom until we found a flat. Well we looked at many flats and called on even more but nothing really seemed to work out like we thought it would. We went to look at one the day we moved in with the McGinnis family (planning on staying for just a week) and that one seemed to be our best option but we weren't completely sold. I went to bed that night so anxious and couldn't fall asleep for the longest time because neither of us were really sure what to do. We were told we had to put money down to save it, so we brought money with us the next day and decided to just go ahead and get it. Another girl was wanting it, so we had to make the decision fast.

We went in and filled out some forms on Tuesday and instead of making us pay like normal, our agent told us we could pay on Wednesday. He would go ahead and hold the flat for us, without making us put the non-refundable deposit down while he settled things with the landlord. This came as a surprise to us because he had made it clear on the phone that we had to bring the money to do this.

That night Jeanie and Daniel asked us if we had a peace about our decision, and we said yes...after hesitating a bit. I was worried about money and Danielle was worried about the location, but we didn't know where else to go. After we ate dinner with them and talked for awhile, Danielle and I headed off to our room to get ready for bed. An hour later Jeanie came upstairs and asked us to come down because they wanted to talk to us about something. Were we in trouble? She assured us we weren't, ha. We came downstairs and they asked us to pray about living with them! Rent would include all bills and food and would be much cheaper than getting a flat.

I was blown away!

Never had I imagined them offering this, especially after only knowing us a week and a half. God is so good. As I was praying about this that night, I couldn't stop laughing. I felt a huge burden roll off my shoulders and couldn't believe God's provision for us. We didn't lose any money from the flat we almost signed for because our agent happened to change his mind about paying that day. God is so good. Did I already say that?

So now we live on the 3rd floor of their house and get to be part of their family. We eat meals together, play with their two precious kids (Maddie is 6 and Aiden is 4), and serve them by helping out with the cleaning/dishes and let them go on date nights. I love it!


Jessica said...

I never would have though...good thing God's plan was bigger than anything I could have imagined!

Your little room is just too cute :) I love it! I'm especially jealous of how close you live to Mr. Darcy's guys have to take TONS of pictures for me!

Thanks for sharing all of this, I'm so encouraged to see that the Lord has been directing literally every path/adventure you two have been on....simply awesome.

caylen{and}david said...

Alyssa told me about y'alls living situation- what a BLESSING. Yay!

I am loving blog stalking- I am living vicariously through you! I think it is so cool that you guys just went over there with few plans... so cool!


ps- you are welcome for finally getting Alyssa to give in to the blog, haha!

D's Mom said...

Thank you for posting a picture of your attic view! It is just as pretty in the day as evening with all the lights. I keep checking to see if you or Danielle have posted anything on the pub jobs. If they don't come through then let go of that whole job thing, help and serve where you can and find fun little travel excursions :-) The two of y ou are contstantly on my mind.