Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Years Eve and Day

On the morning of the 31st, we had our orientation. We hadn't figured out the bus system yet, so Danielle and I walked an hour to the BUNAC office. It was actually a lot of fun and we even crossed Londond Bridge! (This is different form the Tower Bridge) I very quietly sang "London bridges falling down, falling down..." as we went over it. I couldn't resist. Well the orientation ended up being very helpful. They strongly encouraged everyone to move all throughout Britain since 70% of particiapnts stay in the London area. I was very happy to hear this!

Danielle and I took this picture after our orienation and on our way to set up our bank accounts. I'm officially ready to get a paycheck!

London had some amazing lights set up, so the streets were beautiful at night. I'm standing in the road after they shut down for the New Years Eve celebrations.

Before we realized the streets were being shut down, we ended up on a bus headed in the wrong direction. It left us in a dark, empty street. We hopped on the next bus, chatted with the driver until he turned the bus on to start the route, and hopped right back off when we realized he was a creep. Yup. He said some inappropriate things and then during the drive called out and asked if we were still on the bus. Weird. We left and ended up with no bus to get home because the streets shut down. We were then forced to learn the tube (subway) system, and it all turned out great once we made it home safely.

On New Years Day, Danielle and I finally bought phones with a local number and laughed when our only contacts in it were each other.

We also got to enjoy seeing a musical in London. What a treat! It was pretty much the only touristy thing we got to do while there since most of our time was spent at orientation, the bank, finding places to sleep at night, etc.

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