Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Slight Breakdown

After a week of looking for flats non-stop and moving in with the McGinnis family, Danielle and I hit the ground running with searching for jobs. Now that we had an address, we could put it on our resumes and fill out forms with the temp agencies here. I have been feeling so much pressure to find a job (pressure from myself and my expectation of this trip) that the last week and a half hasn't been very much fun...at all. Just ask Danielle! We have searched up and down every street looking for job vacancies (they post them in the windows of stores), we have been to the mall countless times handing out resumes and cover letters, and have signed up with all the temp agencies here.

We have heard nothing. Absolutely nothing back from anyone! I think part it is the amount of time we can work (4 months) as well as the fact that "the job market is very quiet". I don't know how many times I have heard that. So anyway, I was feeling desperate for a job and saw an advertisement for cleaning a boutique here 8 hours a week. I didn't care that it was cleaning because I needed a job and decided to go for it. Danielle and I walked into the store, and I talked to the lady, confident I would easily get it.


They didn't even want us as their janitors. I asked her if I could at least leave my resume and she said no, ha! Danielle tried to cheer me up by reminding me that I had a college degree and it's okay. When we got home that afternoon, I started crying as we were talking to Jeannie. What the heck?!?! Why couldn't I get a job? She was very encouraging though, and I finally realized I was trying to control everything. I finally let it all go. I told God I was ok if I got a job or if I just volunteered the whole time I was here. A huge burden was lifted, and I felt much better. I no longer had to worry.

Well Sunday rolls around and guess what? A girl at church mentioned two girls from the pub she works at just left for a 3 month trip and she could talk to her manager about jobs for us!!! I was shocked. It's a family style pub that closes early and isn't a party atmosphere. Wahoo!


We need prayer!!

Please pray that this will come through if it's God's will. I should find out pretty soon if they'll hire us. I'll let you know!

Oh yeah, and I saved a car a couple of days ago. Not quite as a dramatic situation as last week when Danielle and I saw a kid get hit by a taxi (he's ok) but still. A lady got out of her car and was walking towards us at the tram stop when her car started rolling down the hill. She didn't hear me yelling at her, so I ran across the tram tracks and held it so it wouldn't hit the car in front of it....no big deal!


Raquel said...

You held a car?? I'm impressed.

I am praying for you, Janelle. Hope does not disappoint.

Brandon said...

You stopped a car? Wow! You didn't let her see your cape did you?

"No big deal", huh? That's my phrase! =)

If you haven't been yet, you need to visit The Cotswolds. According to the travel headlines from my e-mail provider this morning, it's the number 2 paradise on earth.

I'm praying for you ladies.

Byron said...

Well Janelle it sounds like things are coming together for you. It's exciting to read your exploits while you're away. I'm glad you are learning the new English dictionary as everything seemed to have a different name over there. Do they still drive at night with just their parking lights on? I never understood that one. Keep doing the updates so we know what's going on.

D's Mom said...

I was SO excited to see your blog now allows followers!!! I had emailed asking Danielle why I wasn't allowed to sign up as one.