Friday, January 23, 2009

Language Lesson

Biscuit = Cookie
Can I have a go? = Can I try?
Cash Point = ATM
Cheers Love = Thank you
Cinema = Movie Theatre
Digestives = A type of Biscuit
Film = Movie
Fringe = Bangs
Hiya = Hi or Hey
Lemonade = Sprite
Lollipop Lady = Crossing Guard
Pants = Underwear
Plaster = Band aid
Poorly = Sick
Queue = Line
Redundancies = Laying Off
Ring me = Call me
Rubbish Bin = Trash Can
Shattered = Tired
Surname = Last Name
Squash = Juice
Ta Duck = Thank you
Torch = Flashlight
Trainers = Tennis Shoes
Trousers = Pants
Trump = Toot
Wellies = Rain Boots

I probably learn an English word for the American equivalent everyday. Living with an American family makes it amusing because I hear their young children say English words with their American but slightly British accents as if it's normal. They've pretty much grown up here so they don't think anything of it.

When riding on the tram, the tram conductors always say "cheers love" after I show them my tram card. I always say thanks in return, but I don't want to be the American refusing to acclimate to another culture so....every now and then I throw a "cheers" in to practice. However, it usually comes out with a British accent! A pretty bad one at that. I can't help it, and I'm not doing this on purpose. I just hear it said that way, and then I imitate it. So then I just go back to saying thank you.


Jessica said...

hahaha i bet your british accent is amaaaaaazing!

Some of those were just downright funny...lollipop lady? Whaaaat?

I know feel super smart for having read harry potter, though, because trainers is in there like ALL over the place....took me a while to figure out what it was (like maybe 5 books through I realized they were tennis shoes) but its like a little bit of british culture is instilled in me :)

I'm glad you guys are trying to become "locals"....I'm sure its hard, but I'm also sure they appreciate it!

Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the words. I was trying to make a sentence or two for the comment just to make you laugh know how witty I am not! I do like "ring me". I think I will use that with my East Texas slang to sound a little like, raung may. Love ya!-Melissa and Claire

Anonymous said...

Janelle, Janelle....I am so glad I visited Danielle's blog too. You know I like details. Sounds like things are coming together. Praise THE LORD. I wish I were there with you just to giggle with you (at you). Melissa

Betty Bourne Karp said...


Thank you for the language update! I never realized our language was so different from the Brit's.

I so enjoyed talking with you and Danielle via webcam this week. It is a comfort to see your smiling faces and know you are safe at the Pastor's home. I love your room; especially the view from your attic window.

Hope the two of you are able to find jobs soon. Until then, keep those blogs updated :-)

D's mom

and83 said...

Cheers Love, for the sayings :o) We just hired a woman from Egland and I love her all ready. I'll try to throw in some sayings to make her feel more at home! Love and miss you!