Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Coming Together


That’s all I’ve got to say.

Let me catch yall up on some Sheffield news. Still no job and no flat but no worries!

Coming into Sheffield on Tuesday was hard. Not that I didn’t want to come, but I was a little bit discouraged. Everytime Danielle and I told people we were moving to Sheffield, the responses were never very optimistic. People said it was too cold here, much colder than London. They told us people weren’t very friendly. The biggest thing I heard was that it wasn’t safe. Others told us that if we didn’t like Sheffield or if things just didn’t work out (job, housing, etc.) we could always come back to London. I wanted to scream NO! That’s not the plan. That’s not where God has led me, but I just politely smiled.

I sent an email to my family about it on the train ride up here on Tuesday telling them all the negative things I had been hearing. It was really wearing on me and Danielle. Well my family is awesome because of all the prayers they have prayed over this trip. We are looking at a flat tomorrow and the guy has said he’s willing to do a four month lease. With every other place we have inquired about no one is willing to do anything less than a six month lease. Please pray this works out.

Fridy night Danielle and I were blessed to spend the evening at Daniel (the pastor) and Jeanie’s house eating dinner with them and their two kids. We met Daniel at the church offices and on the way to the house, we were telling him about the area we possibly found a flat in called Broomhall. His response was pretty negative. He told us the area was not very safe at night and had previously advised two girls not to live in that area after checking it out himself. We were so discouraged because now we were back to square one. Later that night as we were talking to him and Jeanie, we pointed on the map to where the flat was, and they got all excited. As it turns out, our flat is the safest area and complex they know of. It’s off Broomhall St. but the area called Broomhall is somewhere else. They’re completely different. Jeanie describes the complex that we’re looking at as Ft. Knox, and they said that’s the place they rent out for any teams that come to work at the church because it’s so safe and such a modern and cool area of town.

How awesome is that?! Me cool and modern? Hmm…

So the whole night we asked them tons of questions about Sheffield, and they were very encouraging. They showed us areas to go check out and just gave us pointers on living in here. They really encouraged us to get involved with the church, which we are planning on doing of course, and they shared about how the church started etc. They also prayed for us before we left, and I’m just so excited to see what happens these next few months.

Last night Danielle and I watched Jeanie and Daniel's kids so they could go out to dinner. When they came home, we talked for a little bit, and then they offered to let us stay in their spare bedroom until we find housing. What an answer to prayer. We have some leads on flats but the paperwork will take about a week to work out once we settle on one, so we oculd really save money by staying with them. It's been really neat to find community here!


Jessica said...

Praise God! That's so cool that you have a Ft. Knox flat that is still cool and modern! You and Danielle will fit right in :) Especially if you play with the 'Reed and Jessica' cards, maybe challenge some neighbors to Fan-Tan.

I miss you guys a lot, but I'm so glad you both are writing! It is giving me so much to pray for you guys for! I'll be praying for the job search!

P.S. I think it is so cool how God is totally proving all of the "rumors" about Sheffield wrong. God is so good.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have quite an adventure on your hands! How exciting for you!
Morgan was upset this weekend; she was missing you! Funny, you only sat with her a few times! When she likes you, she gets attached very quickly! I know she is wanting to write to you herself, but she is at school right now and I just wanted to mention it to you!
I hope you are having a GREAT time and trying not to worry too much! We miss you!!!!!! Jaime

Neal said...

Hey Janelle,

Glad the read the updates. Sounds like your making progress and hanging in there. What a praise on the flat your looking at. I hope it has worked out. Austin is back at school so our christmas break is officially over. Keep us posted. - dad

Anonymous said...

so glad I checked your blog tonight but I should have looked sooner--love all the pictures! I am so proud of you. Melissa

Jessica said...

What's happening...I need an update ;)

Sydni Freeman said...

hi janelle

i just figured out where your blog is so i am excited Well cant wait to hear about some more stuff

Love ya!