Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sheffield: Round One

On Sunday, January 4th, Danielle and I made a trip up to Sheffield from Surrey (That's me on the train with my rail card), where we were staying with a wonderful family, to drop off part of our luggage because it would be impossible to bring all of it in one trip. It took us about four hours including many changes from trains to tubes (the subway) to more trains, but we made it here around 3pm with our two big...uhh massive, black suitcases.

While riding one of the trains, we had to leave our luggage two cars back due to lack of time to get it to where we were. At one of the stops, Danielle grabbed one of the bags, hopped off the train, and met me at our car where I pushed the button to open the door and she stepped back on. No problem. At the next stop, we decided to repeat this process. When the train stopped, I pushed the button but the door didn’t open. I pushed it again and started to panic. The next thing I know, the train is moving again. I flip out. I’m running around the area between the two cars’ doors and finally resort to pushing some red button that makes a loud noise. I then press my face up to the door straining to see if Danielle is standing on the platform. I begin to run into the next train car to see if she had stayed on when I spot her talking to one of the train conductors. My heart slowed down, and I just smiled at the two kids staring at me as I sat back down in my seat.

Well I was all nerves during this trip because I was about to see the city I would be living in for the next few months. Was I really moving here? Yup! We made it to the Sheffield train station, grabbed a taxi, and headed to our hotel to drop off our luggage. We had previously booked a few nights stay at The Harley Hotel and Bar (which provides you with complimentary ear plugs when you stay there) but after our experience at the Hour Glass Hotel, we decided to nix that reservation. We booked a room at the Nether Edge Hotel, and so we dropped off our bags there.

After that we ate at a family style pub and then headed to church at 5:00 for tea and coffee before the service began. When we walked in, there were people mingling and Danielle and I walked up to a lady at the front and introduced ourselves. We were on a mission to meet people, ha! As it turns out, Jeanie was Daniel (the pastor's) wife and was so sweet. We exchanged numbers, she introduced us to some people, she offered to help us in any way, and we set a time to have dinner later that week. She also mentioned that Nether Edge wasn’t necessarily a safe area to be, so we knew that we’d have to book another hotel. Flexibility is a big part of our trip!

The sermon that night at The Gathering was on Emmanuel. The guest speaker talked all about God and how He is with us in 2009. What?! Danielle had written a post about Emmanuel before we left in December, and I commented on her blog that this was the theme for our trip. Then we heard a sermon all about it the day we arrived in Sheffield! God is so cool. We needed that to be reiterated to us since we had been nervous all day about this move.

After the service, we jetted to the tram to make our connection to our train. It left at 8:11pm to put us back in Surrey at 11:45pm. If we missed it and took the 8:15pm train, we would have to stop in London until 5a.m. We were not about to miss our train!

We made it back and spent Monday packing the rest of our things to turn around and do it all again on Tuesday! We made it Tuesday, dropped off our luggage at our new hotel, grabbed our luggage from our other hotel, and headed to bed early. We were finally here for good with all our things in one place. Yay!!!!!!!

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