Saturday, January 10, 2009

London Day 2

After leaving Sarah’s, we headed to our new hotel and on the way there, our cab driver, Paul, was very friendly. We were all having a good conversation as he pointed out some of the sights and fun areas to do touristy things. Halfway through our ride Paul suggested that we didn’t walk around at night in the area we were staying. I looked at Danielle and just smiled. Great. We took it all in stride though and decided everything would be just fine. We pulled up to the The Hour Glass “Hotel” and my heart sunk. It was awful! It looked very shady, was on top of a bar and definitely not safe for two girls traveling by themselves!

I wasn’t about to get out of the taxi and neither was Danielle. We asked Paul if he would drive us around town until we found another hotel, and he said that was a good idea because he wouldn’t let his daughter stay there if it were up to him. Instead of racking up our bill though, he pulled over, turned the cab off so the meter wouldn’t run, and called his brother Kevie. Kevie looked up hotel availability for us online and found one near the Tower Bridge of London! (I'm standing in front of it in my picture.)

When we arrived at our new and safe destination, Danielle ran inside to make our reservation while Paul and I unloaded our bags and brought everything inside. I asked him for his card, but he said that the area was too far for him to drive out again. I thanked him, gave him his money and came back inside. Danielle then looks at me and asks if I have her jacket. My heart sank for um I don’t know the 5th time, as I replied no.

I’m freaking out because Danielle is going to freeze without a coat, and she is calm but concerned because our only cell phone is in her jacket pocket. In the meantime, she’s still talking to the receptionist and finishing our booking, so I have the other lady try to call the cab company. I guess at the name (remember no card), she calls information, gets connected to some company, asks if they have a driver named Paul, and right as she asks guess who walks through the lobby doors?! Paul!!!!!!! He had turned around and brought back Danielle’s only coat and our only connection to anyone in case we got lost. Whew, that was a close one.

This was our second day in London. At the hotel we finally felt able to rest easy and showered for the first time since getting on the plane, wahoo! That afternoon we walked around for a little bit before it got dark and then headed back to our hotel early to finally get a good night’s sleep.

It was fabulous.

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